Clarkston woodshop mac and cheese recipe

It is delish! I want to make this for a work event, but I wanted to do it in a crockpot. Do you think this is possible, or would you make any changes if I did use the crockpot? Reply 1 year ago. This has, over the last few years, become a Thanksgiving tradition addition to our Thanksgiving Day meal. It is easily my favorite food at Thanksgiving now.

Best mac n cheese on the planet, hands down.

clarkston union mac and cheese recipe

Reply 2 years ago. Thanks for the kind words Brandon! My sister's son won't let me set foot in their house unless I bring a dish of it with me! I'm cooking it today for the first time for me and my girlfriend. I'm super excited.

Step 2: Pasta

My mom is the one who makes it for Thanksgiving but on the most recent T-day dinners, I stood beside her as she made it so I could get a live instructional on exactly how to do it. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. It tastes exactly the same. My family went crazy, especially since I've been trying to recreate this dish to no avail. It's amazing! Reply 6 years ago on Introduction.

That being said, I add Andouille sausage and Roma tomatoes with a goodly amount of cayenne pepper to my version So far I've gotten good reviews folks asking for the recipe, which amounts to me saying "Well By thunderwaldo Follow. More by the author:. Both the Clarkston Union and Union Woodshop are busy, loud and fun places to eat a meal with family and friends.

Clarkston Union Lays the Gluten-free S’mac Down

The mac and cheese is warm — steam rising after it's broken into with a fork — and comforting. The smoked half chicken is large — plenty of leftovers or enough for a hungry eater — and the side of sweet potato mash with charred jalapeno and maple syrup has a nice twist of heat and sweet. The 'shroom woodfired pie has a nice garlic flavor and blends well with the mushrooms.

The restaurants also are gaining attention of more than just its returning customers. Union Woodshop also was recognized for best smokehouse and Clarkston Union for best mac and cheese in Real Detroit's Best Of lisiting.

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For the complete proposal, check out its website here. Dana DeFever can be reached at or ddefever mlive. That was the best endorsement of all. Not a heart-healthy dish by any means, but once in a while, hey, ya gotta live a little. Pepper 4 Tbsp. Butter 4 Tbsp. Serves , depending on how hungry they are and how much they dig the mac and cheese. Drain and set aside to cool. Add the chopped onions, crushed garlic, bacon and butter to a pan and cook on medium heat until the onions are turning translucent.

Now add the flour a little at a time while constantly stirring, to make a roux. Who woulda thought that good old-fashioned down-home mac and cheese has origins in fine French Cuisine? Keep stirring until the roux is the color of peanut butter. While the roux is cooking, add two cups milk and one cup of the cream to a separate pot with the nutmeg, salt and pepper, and heat on low to medium heat, stirring regularly, until warm. Stir until the mixture just starts to simmer and thickens up.

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Add the two cups of shredded parmesan a little at a time. After the first layer is in, add the slices of extra-sharp cheddar on top the Clarkston Union video showed the chef using slices of Pinconning, so you can use that if you can find it. Bake in a degree oven for minutes the chef on the DDD episode recommended at 12 minutes, but he was cooking in a small single-serving size dish.

I saw in the postings I found for this recipe, and a few people who posted replies who tried this recipe, that the cooking temp and time specified in the episode did not result in a real nice brown crispy breadcrumb crust for them. That crunchy browned top is important to the recipe; it contrasts nicely with the creamy cheesy underneath. I had a nice brown crust form at without the need of the broiler, maybe because I left it in a little longer. Trying this now. I have lived in Clarkston on go to union or wood shop once a week.

So I will let you know!! Everyone loved it. I used Hoop Cheese for the middle layer. Thanks for your efforts!! I have another clip for cheese fritters if you want to try and reconstruct them from the DDD episode!!

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  7. Hi Bob! Glad to hear it turned out well. You rock! Thanks for this — it is a keeper for all time! Thanks for the props!

    Ironically, I just made the original for the family as part of Christmas celebrations along with pulled pork.