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May 9 Pitchfork gears up for the holiday publishing break by counting down our favorite songs of the year. December 18 From the baffling to the comical to the just plain disgusting, these are the most regrettable sleeves in rock history.

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November 14 June 23 March 1 Skip to content Search query All Results. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. Reviews 5. Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night. Fleetwood Mac Mirage.

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Or am i due to be the biggest disappointment when you do? Fleetwood Mac are threatening to play several Tusk tracks on their next reunion tour, but I can't get too excited by this. Having liked 'Fleetwood Mac', I heard 'Rumours' so many times during my uni years that it left me completely cold so when the word came that 'Tusk' was a clunker, I was happy to ignore it. When REM covered the title track I became mildly curious but it was only last year that I finally got round to getting the 74 minute plus cd remaster in the early days of cds I think 74 mins was the max length, hence the shortened 'Sara'.

Played it two or three times, including a complete run through in the car, just after christmas.

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Still does very little for me. It's just not that good. But another fine essay, which will make me give it another go, I suppose I've only in the last few weeks been obsessed with Tusk , after having owned the album for ages. Played it the two or three or even more times David admits to, but with not the right attention.

TUSK plays and pays homage to Fleetwood Mac while supporting OCC - heartperlisoft.tk

My mom was smiling and any sort of serene look. I was shaking my tush in my seat and telling my mother how well I thought they were playing. Around us, middle aged couples were getting!

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    Mystery To Me and Penguin were released in Heroes are Hard to Find in one more two released in , Fleetwood Mac song which contained the hits Rhiannon, Say Really like Me and Landslide with the Chicago which again was a great album so a compilation.