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This site is not responsible for what they say. It appears that AirPrint Activator only needs to add a single line to one file. I haven't tested this yet, but I intend to. Better instructions I've tested this now and it worked. No reboot required, just remove, add, share, done. In OS X Edited on Nov 19, '13 PM by magnamous. I use another way.

Edward [ Reply to This ]. J [ Reply to This ]. Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. User Functions Username: Password:. If you have more than one printer connected to your Mac, it will show up in the printers window.

Enable AirPrint in Mac OS X

There is no limit on how many connected printers the application can have assigned which makes it perfect for office environments. At anytime, you can double click on a printer from the list and edit custom settings such as paper size and quality. These settings will not overwrite the default options for the printer when using your Mac, but they will determine the default options when printing from iOS. Printopia also offers the ability to send prints directly to the Mac, iPhoto, Evernote, and Dropbox.

These options will simply save the content as a PDF and store them in the area that suits you best. These additional options are a perfect solution for those of you who no longer physically print, and want run a paperless office. After the initial installation, the application will be available on your Desktop or within the Program Files folder.

iOS printing (iPad & iPhone)

Launching it will present the following options:. Despite the obvious design variations, the control within the application somewhat mimics that of Printopia for the Mac. You can easily customize the paper size, orientation, and color output. Once you have your printer installed on your Mac or PC, along with either Printopia or FingerPrint, you can then proceed with printing from your device. Simply tap the action button that appears as an arrow facing towards the left.

Add a Wi-Fi or network printer

If we use the Mail app as our example, the popup menu will present the options of Reply, Forward, Print, and Cancel. Posted on May 12, AM. Page content loaded. May 12, AM in response to srichard12 In response to srichard May 12, AM.

AirPrint print servers

OS X - the client version, allows you to share a printer to other client Macs. It no longer allows you to share a printer to PCs. Apple's Server. As Strontium90 says sharing a network printer to Macs has little benefit since the Macs can print directly - which is probably what Apple think you should do anyway. There is a small amount of benefit in a Mac accessing a network printer via another Mac in that the settings such as number of paper trays etc.

In terms of a full-blown printer server this is an area that - gasp!

iOS AirPrint Wireless Hack For Mac

Windows server can even push both settings and the printer driver itself to Windows clients. While Apple do not really provide any solution to do this for Macs - at least one worth mentioning there are some third-party solutions for Macs but none as good as Microsoft's Windows offering. Firstly there is JAMF Casper Suite, this is not free but can push settings and drivers to Macs and can even automatically push or remove a different set of drivers and settings depending on where your Mac is located e.

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They even recently added the ability to use Bluetooth iBeacons to more accurately detect a Macs location for this. This level of automation is what Apple should have provided themselves. Other than Casper Suite it generally involves a lot more hard work on the part of a network administrator but there are some free tools. If you used Printer-Setup with Munki you could make it a self-service solution to both add and remove queues but frankly your average user cannot be relied on to do this - not even something as simple as a single click.

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  • iOS printing (iPad & iPhone).
  • Casper Suite can completely and totally automate this based on the location of the computer so there is no need to involve hands on IT configuration and no need to rely of the dubious abilities of a mere user. By the way, what I do to simplify things is specifically install all the printer drivers I need as part of imaging new computers via DeployStudio.

    I don't - yet, automate adding printer queues and settings. I can then manually just add a network printer without being nagged to first install the driver.