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Occasionally a parked car will spawn, but they are kinda rare.

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When you go to rescue Catalina, shoot the surrounding cops with a rifle from far away, and you can pick them off easy, and no other ones will come. I don't know what happens if you die or kill Catalina, so you can try it if you like and tell me about it and I'll correct this.

Contributed by: backfire In the earlier Sweet Mission "Tagging up Turf" you receive an infinite spray paint can. Since there is no timer on this mission, you can go around Los Santos with the FAQ tag map and spray all the tags without refilling the paint.

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If you have a wanted level and start to play basketball, you cannot be injured in any way. Start the burglary missions and park infront of a barber shop. Enter said shop and walk into the red circle to take a seat. Press X to view a haircut and wait until the time expires.

Once the mission has ended press triangle and the barber will "put" the mask back on you. Now you may leave the barber shop with the mask on your face. Contributed by: Scarfacephenom. To have a homie take your picture you need a gun and a camera. First Recruit a homie by targeting them with a gun and pressing up on the d-pad. Then swith from a gun to the camera then walk near your recruited hommie.

A message will appear on the screen. It will say to have your picture taken press l1. If you press l1 you will get to take a picture of yourself. As soon as the race starts ignore all over cyclists just head straight for the wooden ramp at the end of the mountain top when you get there try and pull the insaniest stunt possible.

Just as your about to hit the floor you will respawn where you origanally started and still claim the stunt bonus award. Contributed by: TidusJosh First, find a two-player icon either around town or a a girlfriend's house.

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Now if you have a SMG, then waste the ammo for it. Pick a different weapon, like a shotgun or rifle.

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When the second person gets in the vehicle, input the weapon code that would give you the weapon you have selected. If done correctly, then the second player should be able to shoot whatever weapon was selected. While trying to take over gang territory, take one of the datable girls with you. Between waves of enemy gang members, if you give your girlfriend a gift or kiss them, the enemy gang members will freeze in place.

They won't notice you around them, but if you throw a grenade at them or otherwise threaten them, they'll un-freeze.

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Grab a rocket launcher or molotov and you can take over territory really easy. Also, this would give you a chance to get the health and armor pickups in the area without being shot at. At any time until time runs out and they actually take over get in either a cop car, firetruck, or ambulance and press R3 to start the secondary mission and then press it again to end the mission. This will make it so the attack has stopped, you keep your territory, and it will have no negative effect on your game unlike the safe house glitch.

Contributed by: Pointblank If you go pick up Barbara for a date, she might say that you aren't fat enough to take her out. Instead of having to gain weight to be able to take her out, you can grab a car and a fellow gang member. To do this you have to have a Sadler and a Grove St. When you do this, you go pick up Barbara for a date and she assumes you're heavy since the Sadler itself is heavy along with the gang member. Contributed by: buryXyourXkids. Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer.

Various side activities and missions exist within the game. Reaching certain milestones within them will give you special rewards. Complete 10 or level 2 of the freight missions to unlock a free train ride and 50K.

Contributed by: nocturnized, Menji, DorcasTheMighty. Across San Andreas are 50 oysters, gang tags to spray over, 50 snapshots to take, and 50 horseshoes. Claim them all to gain special rewards! Enter these during gameplay without pausing. Note: entering over codes can inhibit game progress by making a late-game mission very difficult to complete.

Contributed by: mojojojothegreat, TetraDragon8, GamerFreak Dating the girls in the game will grant specific benefits to you. These benefits don't require any particular progress in the relationship beyond starting it. Contributed by: Smithy Jones, prford, Skidracer For free and fast car repair, park your car in one of your garages, back away to let the door close, then step torwards the garage so the door opens again.

The car will be instantly repaired of all dents, etc.

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This is especially useful if you have an expensive modded car that you want to keep for certain ingame stats. Instead of having to wait for the NOS to recharge to use again, exit then enter the car, and you can use the NOS again. This works in the same way as the previous games.

Normally you can only save one car in your garage, but with this you can save two or more! All you have to do is get your two or however many cars and bring them up to your garage. Drive one of them until the garage door opens, and then drive it half way in and get out of the car. This will keep the door open for you. Next, get into the other car and drive that all the way into the garage. Then get into the car half way in and drive it the rest of the way in and get out and leave the garage. Et viola!

You now have two cars stored in your garage! To stop other gangs from attacking your territory, just save you game, this will stop the gang war and you won't have to fight them.

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Also if you visit places very far away than no gang war will be provoked. Beating the SWAT, instead of getting into the motel, you can travel all around the entire map and enter all the restricted areas like the military base and the maps that are locked. You will have no wanted level and no cops will chase you. You can explore the entire map freely without taking risk.

This is the best time to confirm vehicle and item locations and to collect the snapshots, oysters and horseshoes. During Woozie's mission "Amphibian Assault", the wanted level system is disabled. You can now travel everywhere in the game including the restricted areas like the Eastern naval base and all police stations without the cops chasing you. This is time to collect the two oysters in the extremely dangerous naval base without being shot.

Go to a strip club and stand in front of a stripper when the people watching them gives them money CJ will take it instead since you are where they put the money. Click the left mouse button while playing basketball to do tricks with the ball. To edit the vehicle stats, open the handling. As you can see, all the info on every vehicle in in there. Follow the instructions in the comments to find out how to edit it.

You can do anyuthing like make a Rhino as light as a PCJ and control just as well. Basically, you can edit anything in the game from these files. Just be careful what you edit and leave them as sane values to prevent glitches. Contributed by: Chris Jokeaccount. Shoot it with sniper to make it change size from bigger to smaller and vice versa.

Contributed by: NixRMax, Skopolamin. The set code can be uppercase or lowercase. Type these codes during gameplay. Collect all the "hidden packages" in their respective areas to get these weapons During the night when the moon is out Go and get a sniper rifle. Then aim at the moon and shoot. It will change sizes. Get to stars and go into A Cluckin' Bell. I used the one across from the Paint n Spray in Los Santos. Go into the room with two doors. Sit in there for a second after the doors are shut and go back outside to the lobby. There's new people in there.

If you have stars, Policement will appear, but they don't attack. Kill them for pistols and easy weapon skill. When doing the Chiliad challenge let the other racers finish before you. Then stop before hitting the final marker and get off. Next get out a sniper rifle and snipe all of the competitors.

After each snipe you'll notice your position is going up. If you snipe them all you will be in first place.