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If all troubleshooting methods fail, consider taking your MacBook to the Apple Store or a certified Apple repair center. More than likely, your MacBook will need a unique fix.

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It is the most frustrating situation for any user when the MacBook is not charging. Buying a new Apple original MagSafe power adaptor is not a joke as it comes at a high price tag. MagSafe power adaptors use magnets to establish a connection between a MacBook and the AC power charger. This mechanism is impeccable and hardly malfunctions, but when it does, you are in trouble. In this troubleshooting guide, we will discuss a few solutions to fix MacBook battery not charging issue.

MagSafe power adapter uses magnetic dots to connect itself with your MacBook to charge the laptop. If you have connected the MagSafe haphazardly, the connection may get removed, or simply it is not attached correctly in the slot. Apple sends you an adaptor in two parts: one that you connect to the wall a removable plug and another is a square adaptor. Disconnect the two and then reconnect to ensure proper connection.

Are you using wall sockets? If yes, make sure the socket is switched on. Insert the plug into a different wall socket in your home or office. With continuous usage, some adapters lose their quality, and they are no more in pristine condition. Is the wire tattered? In this case, you need to replace the adapter.

First, ask your friend or colleague to lend an adapter; next, you can also visit the Apple Store to get new. MagSafe connection on your MacBook can gather dust or debris, and therefore, there can be a poor connection. You need to keep this clean for efficient Mac charging. Since this uses an actual Apple product, purchased legally, manufacturers believe that no licensing agreements are needed a principle referred to as the first sale doctrine and the patents are not violated.

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Some fake MagSafe 2 chargers have appeared on sites such as Amazon. Several methods have been devised to protect the MagSafe from failure, including wrapping the cable with tape or sliding protective plastic around the cable. In , Apple posted an official response acknowledging problems with MagSafe adapters, which include incomplete circuit connection and adapter's white insulation separating from the magnetic end of the MagSafe connector.

Apple released a firmware update in October that it claims resolves this issue. This, in turn, means that it is not possible to use the new MagSafe power adapter with these MacBooks. However, as of , Apple still sells the older MagSafe power adapter. The iBook series introduced a charger that resembled a mini- stereo plug with an additional metal ring. The first puck-shaped iBook chargers simply had a silver plug body, but the square white chargers introduced a color-changing illuminated ring that indicated charging status.

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Tripping on an iBook cord or yanking the cord out at an angle could bend the spring contacts inside the connector or break the solder pads under the connector, resulting in a laptop that would fail to charge when connected to the cord, or would only charge if the inserted plug were propped up or pushed down at an angle. An especially forceful yank could flare the outer flange or even break the tip of the power plug. MagSafe with both frayed wires and melted casing, as alleged in the class action lawsuit. Example of a damaged pre-MagSafe plug due to being pulled forcefully out of the socket sideways.

This strain is severe enough to damage the power socket as well.

Why Mac Battery is Not Charging

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Make sure it’s the charger that’s malfunctioning