How to fix subtitle delay in vlc mac

First one will be done using keyboard shortcut and the second one will be done manually.

If you use keyboard shortcut, you can either delay or speed up the subtitle by 50ms. This is fixed and not possible to change. However, if you use manual method, you can do the same by 1ms. If you think that you need to speed up the subtitle, just press G. It will speed it up by 50ms. If you think that you need to delay the subtitle, just press H button. It will delay the subtitle speed by 50ms. You can keep pressing it for as many times as you want. As mentioned before, you will get more options using this technique.

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  • How to Adjust/Sync VLC Subtitle Delay.

If you click on the down button, it will be hastened. The opposite thing up button will let you delay the subtitle speed. This is also possible to change subtitle duration time as well. By the way, did you know that VLC can record desktop screen? Related Posts: The steps described in this article do not affect how fast or slow a subtitle track plays; they control when it starts playing. While the subtitle track will play at its normal speed, each press of the H key will causes it to start 50 ms later than normal AKA a ms delay , pushing all the subtitles back by that much.

The G key has the opposite effect; it causes a negative ms delay, and all the subtitles appear 50 ms earlier than normal. If your subtitles are synced to a version of the film that happens to play a little faster or slower try downloading multiple versions of something and comparing how they play to see if they play at the exact same speed, especially something that has been released in multiple versions , a speed option can be a permanent fix that keeps you from having to constantly adjust the position of the words every 30 seconds if they go out of sync.

Delay or Speed up Subtitles in VLC Media Player

Work smarter, not harder. No matter what value I set the subtitles run always at the same speed.

Your email address will not be published. We have to admit that watching movie with delayed subtitle will bring relatively worse watching experience.

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Therefore, follow this article to learn 3 simple and workable solutions to fix VLC subtitle delay issue. Want to permanently fix subtitle delay issue?

Adjust/Sync VLC Subtitle Delay

Download the recommended software to help you. VLC, as a popular media player globally is not only famous for its ability to convert video to MP4 , AVI, and various formats, but also for its powerful function of downloading subtitles and online videos. However, have you ever meet such situation that VLC video lagging or the subtitles of your playing movie either later or faster than the scene.

I have such an experience! One time, when I playing a foreign movie on VLC, while the subtitle is nearly 3 seconds delayed than the movie plot. Therefore, this article shares with you 3 simple solutions of how to sync subtitles in VLC. Hot search: Want to synchronize subtitles with movie at one go? Try Free HD Video Converter Factory to permanently fix the delayed subtitle issue, which is also a practical video converter and player.

Adjust subtitle speed in VLC Media Player

Synchronize subtitles through shortcut keys is the easiest solution but may be not so accurate every time. If you prefer to adjust subtitle timing in VLC more accurate. Follow the second solution below! You may wonder how to adjust subtitles in VLC through a more accurate way.