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Android Sync Android phone or tablet with Mac. Syncing data between Mac and Android can be a real headache as there are no built-in solutions that can connect and transfer data between these devices. Buy Now.

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Sync various Android models with Mac No matter which phone model you own, if it runs Android 4. Below are the usage scenarios for the most popular devices. View more supported models. Probably the best app to synchronize Mac with Android And we can prove this!

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  5. Tired of double entering the same contacts and calendar entries on Mac and Android phone or tablet? Enter them once - sync them with SyncMate! Just connect your Mac and Android device and sync Contacts and Calendar for free! Depending on data volume the duration of synchronization can vary.

    We value your comfort and do not want SyncMate to distract you from current tasks while data is being synced. So we taught SyncMate to work in the background. By mounting your device on your Mac you get the easy access to it through Finder and can manage its content the same way as any regular computer drive. Add as many files to your folders as needed and sync them for easy access. No copying or moving anything manually when you have SyncMate. SyncMate Expert gives you a unique possibility to sync playlists or music folders between Mac and Android. Sync your favorite images and videos between Mac and Android and share them with your friends on the go!

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    Receive, create, delete and even export your text messages to file on your Mac with its convenient full-size keyboard. SyncMate gives you even more and allows syncing data automatically and in the background. Did we mention you can view Android call history on Mac? You can! So, which data can be synced between macOS and Android? Show more features. Show all plugins.

    All you wanted to know about Mac Android synchronization. How did you do this? Yes, Mac synchronization with Android by native Apple services is impossible. But SyncMate goes beyond and offers its own sync service that makes data sync and transfer between macOS and Android possible. We did a great job and hope you will like it! I need to access Android folders on Mac - can I do it? Yes, you can. In such case all user folders of your Android internal and external storages will be shown in Finder.

    I need to sync data between Mac and Android but do not want to use Google storage. Will SyncMate assist? Data security - that what we care the most when syncing. Sync is performed directly from macOS apps to Android and vice versa, so you can be sure that your data stays with you and doesn't flow outside of the stream.

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    No matter which model of Android device you own, if it runs Android 4. This application will let you backup and restore files between your Mac and your phone.

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    Plug your phone into Mac using USB cable. On the homepage, you will see three modes, simply click on the bottom right one: Back Up Your Phone. On the following page, you are allowed to select file types to transfer to your Mac Pro, Macbook Air or iMac. Check items you would like to copy to Mac in the middle and click " Next " button. It enables you to select your backup path on Mac from right panel, and shows available space for backup. After a while, all of your Android data will be saved on Mac. You can navigate to your backup folder to find your music, videos, pictures, contacts and more.

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    If you have already installed Syncios Data Transfer, things becomes easier. Simply launch it and Click on the upper right mode: Restore from Backups. Now, you are able to select your previous backup files from left panel, and choose specific data from the middle checkbox. The program enables you to restore your iPhone, iPad backup files or iTunes backup files to your phone. It takes few minutes to go throught the motions of downloading files to your phone, depending on your data size. Download Mac Version.

    Sync Android devices and Mac with SyncMate 6, powerful Android sync Mac tool