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What version of manga studios is it? Debut or Ex? Ex is the better version, it has a lot more features. I might download it again and see what's new. Manga Studio is more geared toward comic book development.

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It has a lot of nice features that speed up the process. It is very different on how it uses layers and layer types. If your coming in from photoshop, it still has a steep learning curve at first but a few tutorials later and everything makes sense. An interesting thread Have played with Daz in the past but couldn't get on with it, probably as I don't have any real experience of 3D modelling well, not since a Uni project in the 90s!

Is there a way to create new characters in the current version of Poser? There are a few built in character types that include different races. The face generator is also pretty keen. Has sliders for ethnicity and age. Pretty easy to modify the base characters for variations. Steve Flowers said: It's pretty easy to use.

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Thank you those are both really helpful, may get the anatomy pack as well. Ex was the free version so I got both today, playing with it later. Thanks again, it came free with Poser so I will have a look once I get the hang of poser. Sign In to Reply. This site uses cookies. Subsurface Scattering Skin, wax, and marble are just some of the materials that are translucent when struck by light. Weight Map Rigging offers several benefits including smoother bending folds and bulges with vertex by vertex control over every bend or bulge. Weight Maps can be added to any joint bend, to twist and scaling channels and can be used to control bulges.

This powerful new feature makes it incredibly easy to transform any existing clothing item into a full vertex Weight Map Rigged conforming clothing item. Simply open the object you want to transform in the Set-Up room, click on the figure you want the item to match in the Poser Library, and let Poser Pro do the rest. It literally takes seconds to transform any imported or older figure or geometry into a fully Weight Mapped Poser Figure. Select any joint and simply add a new Weight Map.

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Click on the Paint Mode to interactively paint vertex weights, with full pressure sensitive tablet support for optimal rig fine tuning. Apply Symmetry to transfer bend and bulge Weight Maps from side to side. This state of the art suite of Weight Map Creation Tools is going to change the face of content development for Poser.

Grouping Objects Need a way to move, scale or hide a bunch of objects in a Poser scene, at the same time? Now you can simply add any number of scene elements, from figures and props to lights, into a Grouping Object. They can be moved, rotated, scaled and animated or even hidden and revealed.

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  • Create multiple Grouping Objects to hold different areas of a scene, or related props and figures. Adding selected scene elements into any Grouping Object is easy using our powerful new Context Menu controls. This significant new feature will change how you manage your scenes, providing you plenty of control over whole groups of objects in that scene.

    Full Scene Category in Library In the past, if you wanted to re-use a Poser scene with that perfect environment settings, lights, cameras, props and dependencies and even render settings, you had to build it, save it, then find and import it. With the new Scene Category in the Library you simply add that full Poser scene with lights, cameras, all props and figures in place, and with all dependencies right into the Library. From there your new scenes can be dragged directly from the Library into the Poser workspace.

    For Poser content developers this new feature will enable you to deliver fully constructed scenes with dependencies and optimal render settings that require less user support and are far easier to use. But it gets even better when working with multiple categories of items in your Favorites; Multi-select a hairstyle, several clothing items and a pose all at once, then click and drag them right onto your target figure. Poser will automatically apply the items. Morphing Tool Tablet Support If you own a Wacom pressure sensitive tablet, Poser is going to make you a very happy camper.

    Constraints are a simple to use feature that will permit all kinds of cool animation effects. Poser users quickly discovered that, with high ambient values to cast light that with a few tweaks, they could open up a huge array of lighting effects. Now you can create Light Emitters; toggle off visibility in rendering for objects, yet still enable them to cast light.

    Build light domes, environment domes and large area lights to cast ambient light without being rendered in the scene. Combined with our new Poser Scene Library category, this feature will be a great way to deliver a fully lit IDL environment. This makes it easier to navigate in and out of your deep scenes and saves you time when creating them.

    Simply toggle on the Orbit Selected mode and your current camera will rotate around the center point of the currently selected object. This makes it easier to focus on a selected element, and view it from every direction by spinning Camera trackball controls. The Poser Pro application, with its FireFly render engine and included network capable Queue Manager are 64 bit enabled so you can use your memory more efficiently, create and render larger scenes, and ultimately save time across the board.

    Poser now preprocesses all scene textures in the background making use of your multicore processor, in prep for that first render, and can cache those textures session to session if you desire. Choose between traditional and the new Crisp' texture filtering options. Python 2.

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