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The app is smart enough to detect the edges of business cards and automatically crops out any unwanted backgrounds. Any data that's left unrecognized is highlighted in blue and can be manually corrected. ABBYY Business Card Reader can automatically fill in missing fields such as country codes and extensions and is capable of correcting typos in recognized information. The data can be backed up automatically or manually as per requirement, and recognized contacts shared via email as VCard or JPEG files.

With an expansive feature set and an intuitive user interface, CamCard makes digitizing and managing your business card contacts a cakewalk.

CamCard | Professional Business Card Reader and Manager. Read Your Card, Mind Your Business.

CamCard lets you easily scan business cards and store their contact information on your smartphone. The digitized cards can be exchanged with others directly from the app.

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To make the saved contact information even better, CamCard allows you to add notes and reminders to contacts. The batch scanning functionality makes it possible to save information from multiple cards in one go. The 'Secretary Scan' mode lets executives invite their personal secretaries to save contact details on their behalf.

When CamCard stores information about a contact, it keeps track of any future changes in their profile details.

Convert paper business cards to digital with a single tap

So when a saved contact gets a promotion or changes organization, you get notified of that. All business card information saved by CamCard is securely stored in the cloud and synchronized across multiple devices, so you can access it from any device e. If that's what you are looking for, ScanBizCards is just what you need. Even though it can be used by individual users just fine, ScanBizCards is primarily targeted at enterprises. It offers unlimited business card scans, which can be either added to existing contacts or saved as new ones. In case the automatic recognition of details isn't accurate, you can submit cards for manual transcription.

The app's premium version includes two manual transcriptions and more can be purchased.

Contacts can be exported in CSV format, and there's support for third-party services such as Evernote, too. The app can scan two-sided business cards easily and lets you forward scanned contacts to other users. Its unique 'cover flow' 3D view makes searching and sorting scanned business cards extremely simple. For those who have to routinely deal with hundreds of business cards, using an app that can scan only one card at a time isn't going to cut it.

This is where Wantedly People comes into the picture. Perhaps the best bulk business card scanner out there, Wantedly People lets you scan up to 10 cards in one go. What's great is that no matter how the cards are scattered, Wantedly can effortlessly capture details from all of them. It's very easy to use as well. Just scatter out there cards, tap the button in the app and it'll do the rest.

SAP Hybris Business Card Scanner App - Tutorial - Business on Demand

The app uses Artificial Intelligence AI to improve the accuracy with which it scans business cards. Once a contact is saved, you can search for it using any saved field.

You can call and e-mail contacts with just one tap and even chat with them using Wantedly's built-in agile business chat platform. Wantedly People lets you create your own profile for others to look up. Business cards can be shared via email or temporary URLs.

The 6 Best Business Card Scanner Apps to Digitalize Contacts and Stay in Touch

It may look like a simple business card scanner app, but there's a lot more to Sansan than meets the eye. In fact, the app is powered by its namesake, a cloud-based contact management system for corporations. Centered around business cards, Sansan lets you and your organization build a complete digital contact database that can be accessed from anywhere.

Business Card Scanner Apps for iPhone

The app makes it easy to scan business cards, which are then digitized both automatically using OCR and manually by Sansan's team. This two-pronged approach ensures both speed and accuracy. The scanned contacts are automatically stored and organized in your company's database. You can add tags, notes and meeting reports to further enhance and optimize the database. Companies can adjust the sharing level of contacts with employees and a contact can be called or e-mailed directly from the app.

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